40 million

devices under management

Mariner xVu’s award-winning software gives you insight into consumer broadband service experiences on their many devices, enabling you to quickly identify network, content or in-home issues – before they cost you money or create churn. Network and Customer Care teams benefit by finding the root causes for the hard problems, like degradations and buffering across video services, and do it economically and effectively with Automated Service Assurance Analytics, so you can capture the agility and price points of virtualized hardware.

In 2017:

154 billion events

Per month: 12.8 billion

Per week: 3 billion

Per day: 422 million


The best end-point monitoring and video service assurance with software defined economics.

 our portfolio

The integrated Mariner xVu software suite delivers industry leading video service visibility for operations, drives call center efficiency with superior end-device views and impacts OPEX with “first time right” installs.


Mariner XpertVu OPS

Operations will see the entire network, and resolve issues that impact QoE and OPEX.


Mariner XpertVu Care

Customer Care will see in-home and network issues; improving call response and OPEX.


Mariner XpertVu Field

Drive down OPEX and improve CSAT with “first time right” installation and repairs.


Mariner XpertVu Analytics

Manage your video service improvements and planning with actionable intelligence.


expert services

Lead with an expert team that delivers value, on time and on budget, with best practices proven in the world’s largest video networks. We work with your team and quality partners to assure services for today’s on-demand world.


the technology

Modern architecture allows for rapid processing and triangulation of new data sources. Time alignments at scale give you the world’s best video service visibility.

Architecture for Scale, Agility and SDN Economics

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Triangulation and Correlations

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Scaling for PayTV and New TVE Offers

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Reporting and Analytics

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Product Bulletins

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White Papers

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Mariner Group is known for investing in and building technology companies with themes of big data, software innovation, commitment to customer success and developing international growth markets. In addition to Mariner xVu being the world leader in Software Defined Monitoring for IP Video and IP-enhanced PayTV Networks, Mariner Group consists of SHIFT Energy, Mariner Innovations and East Valley Ventures.


At Mariner, we provide world-leading solutions and exceptional service for our global client base. We hire talented, positive people who do good work and like to have fun. We offer competitive salaries, great benefits and an environment that encourages continuous innovation, improvement and team spirit.

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