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Mariner xVu provides outside-in early detection of video service issues when and where it matters –
before customers experience them on their screen.

Mariner xVu is a service assurance platform that allows video operators to monitor performance of IPTV and streaming video services.

The platform uses data from consumer devices like set-top boxes, tablets, TVs, mobiles, wireless access points, and home gateways to provide an end-to-end view of the customers’ service quality experience. The xVu toolkit provides dashboards and APIs that allow Care agents, Engineers, Field Technicians, and the customers themselves to quickly determine root cause of problems and resolve them.

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Mariner helps to make working lives smarter, easier, and more secure. Founded on building enterprise capabilities to help organizations innovate and grow, Mariner brings together strategy, people, and technology for far-reaching and sustainable impact. We are driven by curiosity and doing what is right for our customers – always.

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