Subscribers just want it to work.

Mariner helps you deliver a better Customer Experience for home Wi-Fi, broadband and video subscribers.

A re-imagined customer experience.

As customer reliance on home Wi-Fi, broadband and video grows, so too does the need for a re-imagined subscriber journey.

The future of customer engagement for CSPs is multi-faceted. Convenient interactions with conversational user interfaces, thoughtful AI and applications will simplify telecom system complexities. The result? Empowered subscribers and a lower cost of service, retention and churn.


The subscriber journey should be frictionless from the moment an order is initiated. Provide step-by-step guidance and automate escalations with context.

Remote and Full-Service Support

Subscribers want to switch gears seamlessly, dialling in remote support as required. A role-based UX puts context in front of  technicians, care agents and network operations.

Self-Care and Troubleshooting

Make the complex, simple.
Empower subscribers with self-care applications that analyze the root cause and provide a ‘next best action’.

Subscriber Insights

More than just assurance and workflows. Deeper insight and valuable new data points uncover product and marketing opportunities.


Watch our tactical team in action.

We’ve thrown the traditional webinar out the window. Instead, we bring you our tactical team of experts.

In this web series, Mariner tackles the issues most relevant to the CSP teams we work. The videos capture real discussions – from a fully realized Customer Experience to how self-serve options are the catalyst driving this evolution.


Conquer what a customer-guided self-care solution requires:


The case for improving customer experience – tools for both field teams and self-service:

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