Triangulation and Correlation

Triangulation and Correlation

Detecting an issue within a service is only useful if one understands its root cause and how to address it. Mariner xVu’s patented Topology Correlation Engine (TCE) was developed to enhance the value of operators’ service assurance. TCE gives operators the ability to monitor and analyze service quality levels from multiple angles.

In addition, Mariner xVu’s Intelligent Adaptive Sampling (IAS) modules utilize advanced sampling algorithms to enable faster issue detection and root cause analysis, often before consumers are even aware of issues.

3-Triangulation and Correlation

Some of the benefits of TCE include the ability to analyze and detect service degradations within:

  • Physical networks
  • Logical/virtual networks (service delivery network, virtual private network)
  • Content delivery networks
  • In-home / Wi-Fi networks
  • Geographical locations
  • Device groupings (device types, software/OS versions)
  • Specific services consumed

TCE also allows for the dynamic addition of new triangulation algorithms. As operators’ networks and services grow, change and become increasingly virtualized, Mariner xVu can easily be extended to support these changes and ensure optimal operations.

Mariner xVu’s software is built on industry-leading technologies that allow high volume and complex data processing in real time. It is capable of monitoring multiple services delivered to hundreds of millions consumers and their devices.