The Complexities and Challenges of IP Video and IP-enhanced PayTV Services

The Complexities and Challenges of IP Video and IP-enhanced PayTV Services

As IP Video and IP-enhanced PayTV Services increase in size and complexity, so do the challenges facing them. Multiple systems, vendors and operators are all combining to deliver services to consumers and adding layers of technology to the network. Even the slightest problems with one of these can degrade the service and affect consumers’ quality of experience.


Many of these challenges are related to the complexity and size of the service provider’s network:

  • More functionality is introduced into each network layer:
    • The physical network elements are becoming more feature rich and complex
    • SDN technologies allow for complete virtualization of all network aspects
  • Increased number of services are being offered to consumers over these networks, both from network providers and also from external, OTT providers:
    • Live services (linear TV, live event streams)
    • On-demand services (traditional VOD, OTT VOD, Catchup TV / Network PVR)
    • Peer-to-peer services (whole home PVR, PVR-everywhere, conferencing)
  • Significant increase in network capacity is needed to support these new services:
    • Rapid introduction of smart electronic devices, capable of consuming IP-based services, are flooding the market
    • SDN orchestration technologies allow for rapid introduction of additional capacity based on demand
    • The number and size of CDN data centers are growing all the time

Through the aggregation and correlation of multiple and changing network and service factors, Mariner xVu allows for quick and accurate isolation of the sources of failures and provides the most cost-effective solutions to the identified problems.