Assuring Multiple Video and Broadband Services

Satellite providers want to provide customers with the best video experiences both inside and outside the home. They want to leverage their satellite infrastructure and add hybrid services using cloud and broadband systems to efficiently transport more content to customers, when and where they want it.

Mariner can help cost effectively monitor the many more screens and devices supported in these hybrid networks, with a modern software approach that focuses on the end customer experience, and will complement the existing operational systems.

Traditionally, satellite providers rely on distribution environments that they can tightly control. Complex and effective troubleshooting techniques have been developed over many years to solve customer issues like loss of signal or video related concerns. However, while the introduction of broadband has allowed for increased service offerings, it has also increased demands for effective troubleshooting methods to isolate and resolve issues impacting customer satisfaction.

Mariner xVu solutions provide visibility into the real issues that cause customer problems. Mariner xVu solutions offer end-point device monitoring thereby creating a support tool agnostic to the deliver method. Our products isolate faults, allowing operators to intelligently identify and manage customer issues in a fraction of the time and cost.

Satellite Broadcast Programming