The Market Leader in IPTV Monitoring

Mariner xVu is monitoring and providing tools for Operations and Care in over 20 IP TV networks, with almost 20 million devices under management, supporting ecosystems from market leaders like Ericsson Mediaroom, Cisco Videoscape, Arris, Minerva and Nagra.

Network Operations teams recognize that opex costs can be unbounded if issues impacting TV service lead to increases in calls to customer care, and resulting truck rolls. Business owners compete on the quality of service, and care deeply about churn rates and the brand.

IPTV Video services generally offer superior on-demand customer experiences to attract new customers, and the superior economies of IP systems. One trade-off directly related to shared network, IP resources, is that as your video moves from the head end to a TV set or mobile screen, any degradation [typically packet loss] can result in the a problem for customers. Below is a visual overview of the Mariner xVu product portfolio, which integrates into your existing workflows, to give you superior visibility into your end-users QoE. , The solutions will help your teams manage and improve your net promoter scores, and drive OPEX busting campaigns across the business.

Mariner xVu has been built with over 4 generations of operator inputs, and the biggest cost savings come by enabling a higher quality network, which means time-aligning issues across the network, and addressing the major ones early, saving calls in the first place. You need to catch the “hard to isolate” degradations before they become outages, and this is a key differentiator for Mariner. We expect typically the opex savings to result from a 10-30% reduction in call rates, a higher difference in second call rates, ~ 10% in truck rolls and 20% in un-necessary truck rolls, plus other parameters per the attached spreadsheet to get started.


Topology Aware and Intelligent Correlation