Cost-effective Small-Cell RAN Analytics

Small Cell RAN Analytics

To meet 5G demands, small cells deliver dense, capillary radio network coverage. In this new operating model, the cost of analytics and assurance must scale more affordably.

Problem Statement

  • Systems and operating procedures built upon legacy macro cell economics.

  • Unsustainability of analytics whose costs scale linearly with capacity.

  • Poor integration of existing RAN analytics with other service path technologies.

Capabilities Summary

  • Ultra-Low Latency Analytics
    Place low-latency analytics workloads closest to the edge.

  • Multi-Service Analytics
    Combine SON business rules across multiple services simultaneously (for example, CDN Cache impacts SON decisions).

  • Open Data Integration
    ‘Snap in’ new data sets with minimal effort, at scale.

  • Per-Flow Telemetry
    Visibility down to individual bearers.

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Lower OPEX Costs

  • Protect and defend your network with the lowest possible analytics latency.

  • Using SDN and COTS, dramatically reduce operational costs of analytics and assurance.

  • Safely augment analytics work flows with new data sources, in real-time.

Small-Cell RAN Analytics delivers value through:

  • Low-cost and flexible analytics remove impediments to rapid innovation.

  • Business rules and policies become more customer-specific, enhancing personalization and user experience.

  • Scalable RAN analytics becomes a competitive advantage over peers, opening new monetization possibilities.

Pairing deep domain expertise in telecommunications
with advanced, human-centered automation, Mariner is a uniquely qualified service and solution provider.

Small Cell RAN Analytics