Predict and Prevent HFC Network Component Outages

HFC Network Component Performance Management

Take proactive command of HFC network performance through inventory-driven analytics; isolating the root cause and magnitude of network degradations before they become outages.

Software for HFC Network Component Performance

Without proactive measures, network problems are harder to fix.

  • Correlation of common faults across a complex HFC access network.

  • Pro-active intervention must be driven by real-time analytics.

  • Impact analysis and preventative automation require precise profile of blast radius.

  • Precise determination of per-service implications is required.

HFC Performance Management Capabilities

  • Inventory-Driven Topology
    Element-by-element service tree mapping from central inventory records.
  • Service Awareness
    Per-service telemetry along the signal path.
  • Root Cause Analytics
    Machine Learning and rules-based trouble profiling.
  • Network Status Playback
    Time-series analytics capture the history of the network.
  • Blast Radius Analytics
    Quickly report on the severity and impact of degradations.
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Mariner keeps your HFC network running:

Proactively orchestrate your network through timely and precise analytics

  • Identify, characterize and locate network troubles in real-time.
  • Feed localized conclusions to network automation and alerting systems for remediation.
  • Instantly assess the severity of network troubles; identifying impacted customers and services.

Mariner’s performance management delivers value through:

  • Highly precise and objective analytics are key inputs to closed-loop automation.

  • Network performance scores can be accurately profiled from both service and individual customer perspectives.

  • Customers and services can be benchmarked across the network, powering more focused network upgrades.

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Pairing deep domain expertise in telecommunications
with advanced, human-centered automation, Mariner is a uniquely qualified service and solution provider.

HFC Network Component Performance Management