Field Operations

Field Operations

Mariner XpertVu Field – Drive down your OPEX costs and increase net promoter scores by ensuring installs and repairs are done “right the first time”

Our experienced operators understood that to drive down OPEX costs, they needed to drive out inefficiencies, like repeat truck rolls for installations and repairs that cost customer care teams higher call rates and cost field teams productivity rates. They needed a toolset to automate home certifications, and track compliance and it had to adapt as new services and devices are supported, given training costs are high.

Mariner XpertVu Field is a certification and troubleshooting software tool that allows your field technicians to objectively verify their install or repair against operator-defined quality standards. Our award-winning product suite helps technicians isolate problems quickly and accurately on multiple interfaces. Or, using our APIs, you can integrate with existing applications so that the solution is tailored to your specific needs.


Reduce repeat truck rolls, call center calls: Uncover issues not easily identified through other testing tools by stress testing the entire home. Green-lighting the install or repair through XpertVu Field’s automated test suite gives technicians confidence that they have performed fault free work that won’t result in repeat visits. Find the problem, fix the problem and certify the work to be sure nothing was missed.

Reduce time-on-site and STB swaps: Get the complete picture by testing all devices in the home at the same time from a centralized interface in as little as five minutes. There is no need to go to each device to test it individually which saves time. Also being able to correlate test results for all devices in the same time period allows the technician to identify problems that affect the whole home or only a single device.

Increase quality across the install base: Every test holds the technicians to the same quality criteria so whether the technician has one year or 10 years of experience, their work will be consistently evaluated and tracked by XpertVu Field. Since the compliance and performance results of all installs and repairs are stored offsite, they can be monitored to identify training issues and enforce quality standards, identify issues with new technology rollouts and much more.

Platform Features

  • Home Certification Stress Test
  • Test all managed devices in home at once
  • Onsite and remote launch capability
  • One-Click automated testing
  • Install and repair records stored offsite
  • Ready to certify additional devices and parameters (see optional integrations)
  • Customizable test suite-You choose what suits your needs or follow our best practices configurations on:
    • Channels to test, test duration, number of tests, Pass/Fail Criteria

Optional Features

  • Whole Home PVR Certification
  • Broadband Device Certification
  • Custom KPI Integrations for Inclusion in Certification Test
  • Quality Assurance Reporting through Mariner XpertVu Analytics


Mariner XpertVu Field Platform API Collection

Build and Integrate with Your Systems

Already have an existing interface? Want to integrate into one of your workflow management systems? No problem.

  • Access to XpertVu Field’s STB Home Certification Stress Test and supporting functionality to run certifications remotely.
  • We provide competitive price-points for access to our patented web services so you can integrate with your existing systems and interfaces.
  • With access to our API collection you can decide which data and functionality suits the needs of your business.