Why work at Mariner?

We are passionate about innovation

We are part of the Mariner Partners, a group of companies that is led by a shared passion for innovation that solves real problems for customers. Since 2003, our people have created world leading software technologies that are ranked #1 globally – from IP video analytics to healthcare solutions, cloud based energy efficiency and carbon reduction technology. We are looking for passionate IT professionals who love solving problems for customers, are fast learners and want to grow their careers.

We are changing the communications industry

Mariner helps service providers solve the ‘hard’ problems, from degradations and buffering affecting the customer experience to network automation and performance management. Hailing from world-leading communication service providers and technology companies, the breadth of our combined expertise spans multiple technologies including SDN, NFV, IPTV, IP Video, IP-enhanced-PayTV, VoIP, Broadband, Wireless and legacy infrastructure.

We have strong corporate values

From building stronger communities to building economic sustainability through the support of new entrepreneurs, our values anchored by a corporate responsibility to give back. In addition to corporate contributions, Mariner’s Social Entrepreneurship program encourages employees to share their skills with nonprofit and charitable organizations. Mariner is also committed to the workforce of tomorrow, supporting several post-secondary education programs to attract and develop entrepreneurs.

We are currently hiring for these dynamic careers:

We’re transforming Service Provider’s operations. Join a team that’s changing the industry.



November 18, 2018

Mariner Innovating to Address Gap in Communications Industry


January 23, 2019

Mariner Innovating to Address Gap in Communications Industry

Mariner XVu

November 18, 2018

Mariner Innovating to Address Gap in Communications Industry