Gain Perspective with End-to-End Service Assurance Support

End-to-End Service Assurance

Empower your entire operations team with a 360° view of the end-to-end performance of each IP-based service in any household. Make smarter troubleshooting decisions with service assurance software by accurately identifying, segmenting and diagnosing impairments across the home, access network, core network and data sources.

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Poor visibility across multiple services leaves you vulnerable.

  • Too many quality issues, truck rolls, CPE swaps, credits. and too much rework

  • Deficient visibility and objectivity of a problem leads to costly guesswork, wasted time, and poor quality outcomes

  • No proactivity; systems don’t detect worsening conditions until they become an outage

  • Finger-pointing and slow MTTR due to conflicting results across multiple tools

  • Many disparate forms of telemetry to be correlated and contextualized in real-time


  • Service Playback
    Granular state of a home’s services at the instant of failure or degradation.

  • 360° Subscriber View
    Continuous visualization of all devices in the home and along the service path.

  • Multi-Service Correlation
    Normalize, time-align and score disparate telemetry across all services – video, data, wireline and wireless.

  • Blast Radius Analytics
    Precise measure of all subscribers and services impacted by an issue.

  • Hot Lists
    Identify and tag poorest performing households, by service type.

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Mariner Service Assurance Benefits

Reduced OPEX

  • Provides accurate and objective information to front-line workers
  • Make confident, well-informed decisions avoiding costly rework associated with unnecessary truck rolls, CPE swaps, and misdirected escalations 

  • Verify quality before a trouble call is ended, or before a technician leaves the home

Reduce CAPEX

  • Make smarter, fact-based and targeted decisions on network grooming and upgrades

  • Validate solution changes before you commit to wide scale rollout

Real-time end-to-end residential assurance delivers value through:

  • Confident decisions result in lower AHT and higher FCR for Care agents.

  • Smarter truck roll and equipment swaps result in significantly higher Field productivity.

  • QoE is a key driver of NPS.


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Pairing deep domain expertise in telecommunications
with advanced, human-centered automation, Mariner is a uniquely qualified service and solution provider.

End-to-End Service Assurance